Back Pain and Posture Exhibition Areas UK-wide

Relaxa specialises in creating exhibition areas with a focus on back pain, RSI and posture related health topics that will incorporate display boards, handouts and fact sheets.

Relaxa's exhibition areas include the following:

  • 5 large display boards on the exhibition display stands pictured below.
  • Provide literature stands for handouts and fact sheets.
  • Fact sheets and handouts for all the display board topics.
  • Provide a back pain, RSI and ergonomics consultant to man the exhibition area and provide advice to staff on a first come first served basis.

Display units:

Relaxa will provide 6 exhibition stands using the system below.

Manning of the exhibition area and consultants providing information on a first come first served basis:

Relaxa can provide a choice of the following people to man the stand:

i) A Relaxa member of staff with a basic knowledge of the back pain and posture topics to man the stand.
ii) A back pain, RSI and ergonomics consultant to provide advice on a first come first served basis

Handouts, Fact Sheets and display board topics:

The following topics and handouts are available and covered on the display boards:

    • How to achieve optimum posture whilst seated at your desk
    • Correct seated posture
    • Correct standing posture
    • The importance of taking breaks
    • Important considerations when manual handling
    • The main causes of back pain and how to prevent it
    • The main causes of RSI and how to prevent it
    • The spine and other important structures in the human body
    • Muscles that need to be strengthened to prevent back pain
    • Important postural stretches
    • Contact organisations when you have a back pain or musculoskeletal problems.
    • What is Alexander Technique
    • What is Osteopathy and Chiropractic
    • Differences between Osteopathy and Chiropractic
    • Beds and mattresses in dealing with back pain
    • What to do when back pain strikes
    • Exercises for a better back
    • Exercises for office workers
    • Back care advice for drivers
    • Tips for maintaining a healthier back
    • Relaxation techniques to loosen key muscles and joints
    • The ideal workstation setup
    • The ideal vehicle driver setup
    • Pregnancy and workstations


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"Work-related pain costs the Uk £5.7 billion every year"

"More than 1 million people suffer from work-related pain per annum"

"More than 1.5 million work days are lost to back pain per annum"

"More than 4.7 million work days are lost due to repetative stress injuries per annum"