Back Pain, Posture and RSI Consultations UK-wide

As part of a company back pain health promotion initiative or health event, Relaxa can create a mock workstation where we will provide attendees with advice on improving their posture at their workstations and preventing back pain and RSI tips and advice. We will also provide posters, leaflets and information that they can take away with them which will include advice on stretches, seated postural positions and other back pain, posture and RSI health promotion information.

For online DSE workstation assessment training and self assessments or manual handling training and self assessments, please visit the Posture Group web-site at

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"Work-related pain costs the Uk £5.7 billion every year"

"More than 1 million people suffer from work-related pain per annum"

"More than 1.5 million work days are lost to back pain per annum"

"More than 4.7 million work days are lost due to repetative stress injuries per annum"