Customer Care Training Course UK-wide - Full Day Course

During this training course delegates will develop the skills, and importantly the right attitude, that will deliver consistent customer service. They will learn innovative ways to supply the best customer service demanded in today's competitive market, leading to more effective working relationships and increased customer satisfaction.
Training course style
This is a highly interactive training course, building on personal experience of customer service.
The learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this training course delegates will be able to:-
Understand how to define customer service & recognise good & bad experiences of customer service &  it's impact.
Recognise internal & external customers & how their needs can vary
Take responsibility for customer service
Solve problems & monitoring service levels.
Meet & exceed expectations
Develop a customer focused culture & organisation.
Project positive attitudes & identify behaviour & actions that create a customer focused culture.
Put themselves in the customers shoes & understand their expectations
Discover the impact of their behaviour on the customer & use this to deal with complaints & difficult situations
Identify their own attitudes & beliefs about Customer Service.
Align the corporate vision with personal beliefs about Customer Service & the negative effects of the departmentalised
 Duration: Full day
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