Effective Communication Training Course - UK-wide - Full Day Course

At the end of this training course delegates will have developed and applied highly effective communication techniques. By understanding more about how the process of communication works, and the impact of our communications on others, delegates will leave the programme as highly skilled communicators and ultimately will be able to analyse their own performance and personal achievements.
Training course style
This is an intensive practical programme involving role-play between delegates to apply the tools and techniques learnt, encouraging self analysis and awareness to develop individual development plans. Delegates will be asked to discuss their own experiences with others.
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this training course delegates will be able to:-
·        Understand the balance between verbal, non verbal & vocal components of communication & the impact this has on
     communication within their organisation.
·        Understand what is effective communication and what they need to do to be effective in your
·        Make themselves clearly understood
·        Use the right language and words to be fully understood
·        Use body language to develop and maintain rapport with others
·        Understand the signals they may unwittingly give others through non verbal communications & responding to these in others
·        Understand the theory, importance & power of listening well & listening actively to others
·        Make sure others have understood them
·        Take responsibility for their communication
·        Choose the most appropriate media for their communication
Duration: Full day
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