Influencing skills Training Course UK-wide - Full Day Course

Getting our own way with integrity, without begging or bullying, is an essential skill in making things happen. With a number of principles and techniques, we can successfully and persuasively convey our point of view. By gaining an understanding of our own way of thinking we can learn how other people think and through this training course, build our own skills for influencing people.
Training course style
This training course involves working on several real life examples and situations that the delegates will be expected to bring as material to test, apply and refine.
The learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this training course delegates will be able to understand:-
Where are they are at the moment?
.  What skills they currently use?
What results they are looking for through influencing?
What would they do if we had the skills?
Influencing versus manipulation and the buyers remorse
The logical levels of influencing
Perceptual positions.
How they are with people dictates how they respond to us & our influence with them
That all people are different and so require different approaches.
How to find out what is important to people and use this to their advantage
How to structure what you say
Choose their words to get the required results
Understand how they think and other people buy
How they make decisions
What strategies they use.
How to combine these unique features into a potent cocktail that will make their proposal powerful force.
Duration: Full day
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