Interpersonal Effectiveness Training Course UK-wide - Full Day Course

This practical training course is for people who regularly have to deal with difficult, aggressive and unhelpful behaviour. The training course will discuss the nature of conflict and will offer different models to help individuals find their own ways of dealing with challenging people more elegantly.
Training course style:
The training course is both entertaining and challenging and requires involvement from the participants. Delegates will be asked to bring real-life examples of difficult and challenging situations with them.
The Learning outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this training course delegates will be able to:-
Feel more at ease with different types of people and be able to resolve interpersonal conflict more effectively
Understand and appreciate their own characteristics, behaviours and the effects they may have on others
Use language to improve their relationships with others
Understand how our beliefs and values affect their perspective on life
Appreciate the value of feedback and be able to give and receive it well
Be able to build rapport with people quickly
Prepare and plan for challenging situations
Be more flexible and understanding when trying to resolve conflict
Create win-win solutions to interpersonal problems
Take their learning back to the workplace
Duration: Full day
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