Introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Training Course UK-wide

What is NLP? - "With Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) we have new insights into the way that people perform, and more than this, insights into the process that underpins such performance."

NLP unravels complex, subjective issues and gets to the root of what makes the difference. It goes beyond the more traditional approaches and deals with skills, attitudes and beliefs, to provide people with the personal resources they need, where and when they need them.
Imagine being able to understand in detail the decision making process of those people that we deal with, or perhaps their motivation, or even their buying strategy. What new possibilities would this open up? What results would this help you achieve? What problems would this help you avoid?
Now imagine understanding our own ways of working and being able to take control.
Training course style
A highly interactive training course with thought provoking concepts explained in an easy to understand and apply manner, delegates will have the opportunity to learn and practise tools and techniques which can then be applied to real-life situations
The learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this training course delegates will be able to understand:-
The principles of NLP, the principles of success & excellence
Business, personal, organisational goals and how to measure success
The principles, practice & processes for effective change
Other peoples experiences to be able to match, manage & influence both work & home goals
How to take control of their own performance, in presentations, sales meetings & other pressure situations rather than being
   at the mercy of how you feel on the day
How to provide leadership by motivating & managing teams & individuals towards the best results
Duration: Full day
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