Negotiation Skills Training Course UK-wide - Full day Course

In the modern business age, of business partnerships, long term relationships and trust the old rules of negotiation no longer apply. We need more skill, more flexibility, and a wider scope to get what we want. This is what this training course is about, redefining negotiations and redefining the results that we can achieve. Imagine not having to give in to dirty tricks, being able to avoid getting boxed into a corner. Imagine having the power and being able to create a lasting agreement that is the basis for future co-operation and development that gives everybody what they want. Imagine having the art of negotiation.
Training course style
This is an interactive training course involving role play, we would encourage delegates to bring some examples of previous, on-going and up and coming negotiations.
The learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this training course delegates will be able to understand:-
How to identify what approach to use
Save themselves time & effort
Redefine negotiation from traditional haggling to principled negotiations
How to be soft on the people & hard on the problem
Build rapport so that they do not have to compromise
How to get beyond the bottom line
Define their interests, finding out others’
Create flexibility & power for themselves in any negotiation process
How to find options, solutions & keep moving forward towards their goals.
How to deal with the dirty tricks
How to plan their campaign
Know what they want & how to get it
Duration: Full day
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