Teambuilding Training Course UK-wide - Full Day

Most of us will have worked in a team at one time or another and have experienced the ups and downs of ‘team life’. This training course is designed for teams who want to work to their maximum potential. They will learn what makes ‘Top Teams’ effective, how they make the most of their collective skills and knowledge and how to work with personalities and situations that challenge them.

Training course style
This is a fun yet practical training course which utilises a mixture of theory, self-analysis, discussions and practical exercises to enable participants to make the most of their team through experience.
The learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this training course delegates will be able to:-
·        define what makes an effective team
·        make the most of the different personalities and behaviours which make up their team
·        communicate more effectively with their team members through listening, questioning, verbal and non-verbal methods
·        be clear about their teams aims and objectives
·        understand their role and that of their colleagues
·        define what motivates them and how to motivate others
·        manage changes within the team; joiners and leavers
·        develop trust and respect with other team members
Duration: Full day
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