Time Management Training Course UK-wide - Full Day Course

Busy, Busy, Busy all day long, but at the end of the day what has been achieved? It is easy to be busy, but 'busy' is not what is needed, we need to be 'effective' which means doing the right things at the right time. Understanding the priorities and getting the most out of our time.
This training course works to develop not only the skills for managing time, it also works to develop a positive attitude about managing time rather than letting it manage us.
Training course style
This workshop studies live data collected by participants prior to the workshop. It is highly interactive and encourages application to real life situations.
The learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this training course delegates will be able to understand:-
Their personal priorities
The priorities of the business
The starting point for identifying what to do and where to start
Scheduling and using to-do lists
Create & using realistic task lists that give structure to their day & focus them on priorities
Recognise where time goes and look at how they use your time at the moment
How to manage those that want their time
How to manage interruptions & have a strategy for protecting their time
How to work smarter & not just harder
That more hours in the day is not the answer, look to high leverage activities to bring long term results
How to get others to buy into their time management
Educate others to understand the value of their time, whilst maintaining good communications and   relationships
Be flexible with their time without building barriers
Understand the personal affects of poor time-management
Duration: Full day
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