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Creating a Heathier Workforce

This year the National campaign is on office workers. Relaxa employs a team of more than 1,000 highly qualified ergonomics, physiotherapy and health and safety consultants, massage practitioners and instructors UK-wide to provide our range of back care services helping and informing thousands of office workers across the country.

There are 8 cost-effective posture training and back care health promotion packages available below:

1) Online Employee Posture Training For £1 Per User

Posture Group has developed an online employee posture training and certification system which will ensure that employees at your company are trained in correct postural techniques to maintain a strong and comfortable posture in all situations that they encounter on a daily basis.
Prices are £1 per user when purchased with any of the health promotion packages below and will be in addition to the package cost at £1 per user. Please contact us for more information if you wish to purchase the online posture training on its own for £1 per user.

2) Entry Level package - £259.00 + VAT

3) Bronze Level package - £499.00 + VAT

4) Silver level package - £699.00 + VAT

5) Gold level package - £899.00 + VAT

6) Platinum level package - £1,099.00 + VAT

7) Premium level package - £1,799.00 + VAT

8) Premium plus level package - £2,399.00 + VAT

Choice of following back care and posture health promotion workshops (up to 28 participants in each workshop):

On-Site massage treatments - On-site acupressure or Indian head massage:

What is On-Site Acupressure massage?

On Site Massage or Chair Massage as it is often referred to, can last 15 or 20 minutes and is performed on a fully clothed massage recipient who sit in an ergonomic chair specifically created to provide them with complete comfort and support. No oils or creams are used and the massage focuses on the back, arms, hands, shoulders, neck and head. The practitioner applies pressure to over 100 specific stress release points around the upper body. It is a quick and convenient form of therapy whose benefits are felt straight away. On-Site massage is designed to relax clients by de-stressing and relieving general muscular tension, leading them to feel revitalised.

What is Indian head massage?

Indian Head Massage can last 15 or 20 minutes and is performed on a fully clothed and seated massage recipient and is a very suitable form of massage for people that spend long periods of time at their desks and computers. The recipient receives a refreshing and balancing massage of the upper back, upper arms, neck and scalp as these are places where the body holds tension. Indian Head Massage is great for preventing and treating RSI, back, neck and shoulder pain, mental fatigue and stress related symptoms.

Choice of back pain, back care and posture fact sheets:

There are more than 20 fact sheets focused on back pain, back care and posture to choose from.

Back pain clinic (18 x 20-minute appointments provided in a full day):

A Relaxa Posture Group ergonomics, health and safety and physiotherapy consultant will spend 20-minutes with each client and will discuss any pain conditions in detail, their working tasks and exercise routines. The consultant will then discuss practical exercises at work and at home that can help their condition, ways to carry out their working tasks that will put less stress on their body and workstation or manual handling tips to help alleviate pain.

Exhibition stand to be manned by an ergonomics and back pain consultant:

The exhibition area will be manned by an ergonomics, back pain and health and safety specialist for the full day who will discuss back pain, back care and posture related issues with employees on a first come, first served basis.

60-minute introduction to either an Office Yoga or T’ai Chi class:

One 60-minute introduction class will be provided to maximum of 18 employees.

Also included in any booking: