Building Resilience Introduction (1-hour)
Resilience building allows you to increase your mental and emotional stamina so that you can bounce back when challenges arise. This workshop enables you to review your current coping strategies and mindset to help you identify what might be standing in the way of enhanced resilience, vitality and growth.Participants will gain an understanding of:
  • How stress impacts resilience?
  • Learn what it takes to become more resilient.
  • What might be affecting your resilience levels?
  • How to create your own resilience building roadmap
Building Resilience Workshop (2-hours)
This workshop includes and builds on the introductory workshop. It will look at how to do more with less and grow your confidence by setting healthy and manageable challenges.  You will learn that it isn’t the amount of time you have but the energy that you can put into that time that really matters. Participants will gain an understanding of:
  • How to challenge yourself to step outside the box and build greater resilience
  • The importance of energy management versus time management
  • Practical ways to introduce mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques into daily routines.
Mental Wellbeing Maintenance (1-hour)
Today’s busy 24/7 world, it can make it hard to find time for the rest and relaxation we need for both our physical and mental wellbeing. We are human beings not human doings, so in this workshop we will take time out to review how our busy lifestyles can impact our heath and look at ways to bring back your va va voom and zest for life. Learning how in slowing down we can connect again to what is important for our sense or worth and wellbeing and looking at ways changes can be easily introduced into your current lifestyle to aid this process.Participants will gain an understanding of:
  • The impact of stress and burnout on your physical and mental health?
  •  Learn how to re-boot your system by creating your own mental wellbeing toolbox
  • The benefits of good support systems and asking for help when it is needed
  • How you can recharge your batteries and improve your mental and physical vitality.
Mental wellbeing Maintenance and upgrade (2-hours)
Including and following on from the one hour session, we start to explore the scripts, habits and beliefs that are running your life and learn how you  can rewrite the influences that are not supporting a healthy happy mind and body. Participants will gain an understanding of:
  • How the scripts, habits and beliefs we have developed influence how we see the world around us and consequently how we react to it.
  • What realistic goals you can set to increase your confidence levels and create new scripts and habits that will nurture a health mind and body.
  • Practical ways to introducing mindfulness techniques into the daily routine to create awareness, change and a sense of wellbeing into your life.
Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing (1-hour)
Mindfulness is a simple form of meditation that focuses awareness on the present moment, whilst calmly acknowledging and accepting feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations as they arise. It enables us to observe ourselves and learn how we respond to the world around us and use these insights to create change. Participants will gain an understanding of:
  • The benefits of Mindfulness
  • How you can use and adapt the techniques to fit into daily routines
  • The experience of Mindfulness as we explore and practice the technique.
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