Relaxa's 20-minute & 30-minute Employee Health Screening Service UK-wide

Relaxa provides a comprehensive employee health screening service that takes 20-minutes, or 30-minutes, to complete and is carried out by one of our team of experienced medical professionals.

Relaxa can provide this service for clients UK-wide. 

The 20-minute health screen includes:

  • Height, Weight, BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Blood Pressure (advice if outside of normal range)
  • Total Cholesterol check
  • Blood Glucose check
  • Waist Measurement check (Shape as an indicator in line with risk of CHD)

The 30-minute health screen will include the following in addition to above:

  • A peak flow test which measures lung function and respiratory rate.

The health screen will also include advice regarding the following:

  • 5 portions of fruit / vegetables per day
  • Fluid intake
  • Reducing Caffeinated drinks
  • Sleep
  • Exercise / Cardio Vascular
  • Frequency of Health Checks (Dentist/Dr/ Health Screen etc)
  • Alcohol intake and Smoking habits 
  • Clients will be provided with guidance for improving health and lifestyle issues.





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