Diet and Nutritional Health Exhibition Area UK-wide

Relaxa specialises in creating exhibition areas with a focus on diet and nutritional health topics that will incorporate display boards, videos and handouts UK-wide.

Relaxa can create an exhibition area to include the following:

  • 5 large display boards on the exhibition display stands pictured below.
  • Provide literature stands for handouts and fact sheets.
  • 4 diet and nutritional health videos / DVD's
    Fact sheets and handouts for all the display board topics.

Provide a diet and nutritional health consultant to man the exhibition area and provide advice to staff on a first come first served basis.

Display units:

Relaxa will provide a display area using the display system below.

Manning of the exhibition area and consultants providing information on a first come first served basis:

Relaxa can provide a choice of the following people to man the stand:

i) A Relaxa member of staff with a basic knowledge of the nutrition topics to man the stand.
ii) A diet and nutritional health consultant to provide advice on a first come first served basis

Videos / DVD's:

Videos and DVD's to be played one after the other in a video area with 10 – 15 chairs and a video / DVD player.

Video 1 - Healthy Eating
Length of video / DVD:
Contents of the video / DVD:
This video, where food is discussed in terms of the four main food groups, is split into four parts: 1. Why eat a healthy diet? 2. What is a healthy diet? 3. Choosing a healthy diet 4. Summary

Video 2- Food and you
Length of video / DVD:
Contents of the video / DVD:
A young couple go shopping in a large supermarket and discuss the food they are buying with a home economist. The programme highlights the importance of reducing fat, salt and sugar intake and increasing the amount of fibre in the diet.

Video 3 - A taste of health
Length of video / DVD:
Contents of the video / DVD:
A video aimed at the whole family outlining messages of basic nutrition and focusing on the importance of a diet which is low in fat, sugar and salt and high in fibre. The nutrition messages are related to traditional foods and to the replacement of English and junk foods.

DVD 4 - Eatwell DVD
Length of video / DVD:
Contents of the video / DVD:
TV presenter Lorraine Kelly and dietitian Nigel Denby offer practical tips and advice on how to eat well and be well.

Handouts, Fact Sheets and display board topics:

The following topics and handouts are available and covered on the display boards:


    • 8 tips for eating well 
    • Diet and nutrition tips 
    • Eating well 
    • Eating out the healthy way 
    • Fruit and veg - 5 in a day 
    • Minerals and vitamins 
    • The importance of water
    • Nutrition essentials
    • Food for sport
    • Healthy food for vegetarians
    • Diet for men
    • Diet for women
    • Eating while you are pregnant
    • Food allergy - How to avoid certain foods
    • Preventing food poisoning - Good hygiene at home
    • Healthy snacks
    • The truth about fats
    • The truth about sugar
    • The truth about salts

Food awareness:

    • How do you shape up?
    • What is your Body Mass Index?
    • Read your labels.


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