One-hour Sleep Workshop Topics

Relaxa offers a range of one-hour sleep workshops that can be tailored to meet the needs of the Client. Sessions include practical demonstrations and are fun, highly interactive and based on group discussions. Each one-hour workshop has been designed to be delivered in one-hour and all participants are provided with all the information that they may require.

Choose from a selection of one-hour sleep workshops below. The topics covered on each one-hour workshop are outlined below.

Sleeping soundly

Why is sleep so important to us?
Identifying what may be disturbing your sleep.
Tips and remedies for a peaceful nights sleep.
Meditation and relaxation techniques to help you relax and sleep soundly.

Sleep and stress

Recognising stress
How can stress affect sleep?
Quality of sleep
Cognitive therapy to change your approach to sleep
Changing your lifestyle to cater for better sleep patterns
Proven solutions to improve sleep

Meditation and visualisation

What are the benefits of meditation and visualisation?
How can you harness this power?
Easy ways to incorporate the techniques into your daily routine.
Guided meditation for health and healing.

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