Stress Management Training for Managers - Full Day Training Course UK-wide

Relaxa provides a full day stress management training course for managers, senior management and team leaders within companies and organisations. The course focuses on the causes of stress, the health and safety executive regulations with regards to stress, preventing stress in your team, tackling stress within your team and managing your own stress.

Location: On-Site at your premises
Length of training: 7 hours.

Content for the full day training course:

What is stress?

The stress reaction
Stress-related outcomes

Health and Safety Executive Management Standards relating to stress:

Statutory duties
Health and Safety Executive management standards

Preventing stress in your team

6 areas to consider - the HSE management standards-
management actions that impact on each area
Protecting team wellbeing during organisational change
Protecting team wellbeing during periods of pressure

Identifying and tackling stress related problems in your team

Stress risk assessment - catch it early
Talking it through
Generating solutions
How to motivate team members and tackle stress moving forward

Managing your own stress

Spot stress early - know your own signs and symptoms
Three levels of stress management: tackling the pressures, changing perceptions and looking after yourself
Tackling the pressures, eg: Identify and tackle specific sources of pressure, Time management, Assertiveness
Changing perceptions, eg: Changing the way you perceive yourself and your attitude to stress.
Looking after yourself: Relaxation, Exercise, Social support, Nutrition, Lifestyle

Action planning

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