Stress Management Training Course for Employees - HALF DAY UK-wide

Relaxa provides a half day stress management training course for company employees which will educate employees on how to manage stress more effectively and build stronger coping skills when under pressure. The half day training course looks at the causes of stress, how to change perceptions of stress and offers a range of practical techniques to beat stress.


Location: On-Site at your premises UK-wide

Length of training: 4 hours 

Content for the half day stress management training course:

What is stress?

  • Definition of stress
  • Mental and physical effects of stress
  • Know your own signs and symptoms

Managing stress

  • Changing your perception and attitude towards stress
  • Learning to put things into perspective
  • Identify and tackle specific sources of pressure

Looking after yourself

  • Relaxation, meditation and breathing
  • Exercise
  • Social support
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
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