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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Creating a better work life balance (1-hour workshop)

De-stressing your mind and body (1-hour workshop)

Relaxation and wellbeing techniques (1-hour workshop)

Workplace Health (1-hour workshop)

Staying positive during periods of stress (1-hour workshop)

Mental Wellbeing Maintenance (1-hour workshop)

Today’s busy 24/7 world, it can make it hard to find time for the rest and relaxation we need for both our physical and mental wellbeing. We are human beings not human doings, so in this workshop we will take time out to review how our busy lifestyles can impact our heath and look at ways to bring back your ‘va va voom’ and zest for life. Learning how in slowing down we can connect again to what is important for our sense or worth and wellbeing and looking at ways changes can be easily introduced into your current lifestyle to aid this process. Participants will gain an understanding of: