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Creating a Heathier Workforce

On Site Massage

Also known as On-Site Acupressure Massage or Chair Massage, can last 15 or 20 minutes and is performed on a fully clothed massage recipient who sits in an ergonomic chair specifically created to provide them with complete comfort and support. No oils or creams are used. The massage focuses on the back, arms, hands, shoulders, neck and head. The practitioner applies pressure to over 100 specific stress release points around the upper body. It is a quick and convenient form of therapy whose benefits are felt straight away. Based on 1,300 years of Japanese-style acupressure massage, this massage is designed to relax clients by de-stressing and relieving general muscular tension, leading them to feel revitalised.


Indian Head massage

Indian Head Massage can last 10, 15 or 20 minutes and is performed on a fully clothed and seated massage recipient. It is a very suitable form of massage for people that spend long periods of time at their desks and computers. The recipient receives a refreshing and balancing massage of the upper back, upper arms, neck and scalp as these tend to be the places where the body holds tension. This massage relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation helping the recipient to feel both relaxed and refreshed. Indian Head Massage is great for preventing and treating RSI, back, neck and shoulder pain.


Reflexology treatments can last 20 minute or 30 minute. It is a pressure point therapy applied to the feet. During the massage specific reflex points in the feet are stimulated which connect with different areas around the body, including the glands and organs. Reflexology can help to reduce body tension leaving recipients feeling calm and relaxed.