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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Back Care Awareness Week 4th – 8thOctober 2021

As part of Back Care Awareness Week (4th – 8th October), Companies and organizations are encouraged to provide a range of Back Care Services whilst at work (in the office or remotely) that help employees manage any existing back issues and/or prevent any future back issues from arising.

Back pain is a major health issue costing the country and the health service billions of pounds every year with musculoskeletal disorders being one of the leading causes of sickness absence.

Back Care Awareness Week is now more important than ever. With the nature of the workplace having changed dramatically with employees now working from home and in the office, particular attention needs to now be paid to the home set up as well to ensure back pain doesn’t develop as a result of poor home set up or lack of good back care practices.

Back Care Awareness Week is an opportunity for employers to reflect on how they can better support the health and wellbeing of their workers both at home and in the office and promote behaviour change to promote better and healthier back care. Good back care is not only about knowing how to manage existing back pain but also about preventing back pain from striking in the first place.

Posture Group and Relaxa have a range of back care services to suit all budgets. Whether arranged as part of an Employee Wellness Program or as a one-off event, Relaxa can arrange everything.

Examples of Employee Back Care Services that companies and organisations can offer employees are:

11 PDF Back Care Fact sheets of your choice to share with staff on topic such as:

  • 10 Tips for a Healthy Back
  • Back Pain – causes and prevention
  • Correct Desk set up and organizing Your workstation
  • Correct sitting posture
  • Correct standing posture
  • Driving Postures and Back care for drivers
  • Exercises for Office Workers
  • Improving postural strength
  • Managing posture when working from home
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) – causes and prevention
  • What to do when back pain strikes