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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Hybrid Working & Wellbeing Webinar

Healthy Hybrid Working Webinar: How to maintain good mental and physical health when working both at home and in the office – ONE HOUR

This 4-part webinar will look at all aspects of your health and wellness when working both from home and in the office. With so many people now Hybrid working and getting used to a new way of working, it is crucial that wellness remains a priority in both locations and to ensure you stay on top of your health and create healthy routines.

Each part of this webinar will last 15mins, making it ideal length to hold each section on a different day.
The 4 sections of this webinar will consist of:


Whether you are working from home or in the office, here are some nutrition and lifestyle hacks to ensure you feel you are firing on all cylinders when Hybrid working:

Back Care

Ensuring your workspace is set up correctly is equally important both at home and in the office, however, many tend to let this lapse more when working from home.  We will show you how in a few quick simple steps you can ensure you minimise back issues due to working postures when Hybrid working:

Stress and Mental Health

As workplaces adopt and adapt to a hybrid model, in which they combine remote and onsite working, it will become increasingly clear how maintaining one’s Mental Health, that includes recognising how we are feeling, interacting with others and striving for a good mental balance is also crucial to the success of Hybrid working. 

Exercise and Stretching

When it comes to exercise, people often struggle to find the time to fit it in due to lack of time either spent on the daily commute or catching up on household chores after work or find it hard to exercise when working from home due to the inability to separate work from personal life. This webinar will offer exercise tips and suggest various fitness solutions and adaptations to your daily routine that will enable you to be more active during the day whether that be at home or in the office. Exercise is a crucial factor in one’s wellbeing and doing something each day (no matter how small) can enhance your overall wellness.