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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Our-Hour Back Pain, RSI and Posture Workshop Topics

Relaxa offers a range of one-hour back pain and posture focused educational workshops. Each one-hour workshop has been designed to be delivered in one-hour and all participants are provided with all the information that they may require.

Choose from a selection of the one-hour back pain and posture workshops below. The topics covered on each one-hour workshop are outlined below.


One-Hour Workstation Health and Safety Workshop

The one-hour workstation health and safety workshop covers everything that employees need to know about health and safety at their workstation and enables your workforce to take a more proactive approach to pain prevention – including carrying out efficient self-assessments.

The workshop covers the following information and advice:

Workstations and regulations outlined
Health risks explained (musculoskeletal disorders, stress, etc)
Seated posture and chair set-up
Equipment features and set-up
Other considerations (environment and work routines)
Pain prevention stretches and exercises
Company certification

One-Hour Manual Handling Workshop

The manual handling workshop is designed to provide general information that benefits any workers carrying out manual handling tasks. It can also be tailored to suit the specific needs of your company.

The workshop covers the following information and advice:

Introduction to manual handling
Health risks
Posture and correct handling techniques
Understanding risks
Work routines and environment

One-Hour Preventing Back Pain and RSI Workshop

The 60-minute preventing Back Pain and RSI (repetitive strain injury) workshop focuses on the most significant and costly work-related illnesses. This workshop is designed to build worker awareness and understanding of common risks and causes of back pain and RSI in the working environment. In addition attendees receive details of effective pain prevention and management techniques.

The workshop covers the following information and advice:

Back pain and causes
RSI and causes
The spine and other important structures
Posture (muscles, flexibility and correction basics)
Preventing pain
Managing pain

One-Hour Importance of Posture Workshop

The 60-minute posture workshop specifically focuses on the importance of good posture in preventing the onset of pain at work. This workshop is provided as an alternative to Back Pain and RSI for clients where poor working postures among employees are of particular concern.

The workshop covers the following information and advice:

The importance of good posture
Correct standing posture
Correct seated posture
Improving and strengthening posture
Protecting your posture (work routines, stress)
Postural stretches and exercises