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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Conflict Management Training Course UK-wide - Full Day Course

Conflict is an integral part of our every day lives and we tend to deal with it in ways which we feel most comfortable with. Sometimes this gets us the desired result and at other times it can leave us feeling dissatisfied and frustrated. Managing conflict becomes much harder in the working environment where we need to maintain good relationships with our colleagues and customers, often we find our current techniques do not always get us the result that we want.

Training course style

This training course aims to help delegates to understand the reasons behind conflict, why people behave as they do and to learn how and when to use different techniques to get better results.
The training course will be a highly interactive and participative one using a variety of methods including; theory, group discussion, practical exercises, case studies and role plays which concentrate on the practical day-to-day issues faced by the delegates.

The learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this training course delegates will be able to:

Duration: Full day