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Creating a Heathier Workforce


One Hour Workshops Titles (each line is a separate workshop)

Creating a better work / life balance
De-stressing your mind and body
Relaxation and wellbeing techniques
Workplace Health
Staying positive during periods of stress
Building Resilience Introduction (1hr)
Building Resilience Plus (2hrs)
Mental Wellbeing Maintenance (1hr)
Mental wellbeing Maintenance and upgrade (2hrs)
Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing

Sleeping soundly
Sleep and stress
Meditation and visualisation

Maximising nutrition on a budget.
Boosting Your Immune system during winter
Nutrition and Keeping a Healthy Heart
Boosting brain power and the impact on your mood
Nutrition and balancing your diet
Boosting your energy levels through nutrition
Nutrition for Managing Stress
8 tips for eating well
Eating out the healthy way
Reading your food labels

The importance of physical activity
Developing a personal fitness program
The importance of exercise to combat stress

The power of positive thinking
Boosting Self-Esteem

20-minute mini 1-2-1 Consultations:

Stress and Lifestyle
Diet and Nutrition
Exercise and Fitness

Classes (45 or 60mins)

Office Pilates
Office Yoga
Tai Chi

Office massage (15 or 20mins)

De-Stress Onsite seated massages
Indian Head massages