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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Employee Cardiovascular Tests UK-wide - 20-Minute Tests

An accurate cardiovascular reading is obtained from 12-minutes of exercise on a stepper machine. A cardiovascular heart rate monitor is used to obtain the heart rate reading at different levels of exercise intensity and is assessed by a cardiovascular health and fitness consultant.

Following the 12-minutes of exercise activity, the results below are recorded, wriiten down and discussed with the person being assessed. Recommendations are made as to ways in which cardiovascular fitness activity can be easily incorporated into their lives, the most suitable activities and the setting of goals to improve their cardiovascular fitness levels by the cardiovascular health and fitness consultant.

The following readings are taken at the end of each 12-minute exercise session and written down for the person being assessed to take away with them.

Supporting information will be supplied from the British Heart Foundation on cardiovascular topics and fact sheets on the importance of cardiovascular exercise.

Number of cardiovascular tests that can be undetaken is one day by one consultant:

20 tests in one day in a full day (8 hours)

11 tests in half a day (4.5 hours)