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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Health Awareness Online Training Courses

Choose from a variety of online Health training courses. Courses can all be completely
customised with your colours and logo to make it look like the system was developed in-
house. Each course is divided into Modules. At the end of each module you will need to
compete the knowledge review. Upon successful completion of the whole course, a
certificate is generated.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Online Training

This course is intended to provide you with the information you need to understand and spot
the signs of drug and alcohol misuse. It covers the legal and social implications for the
individual and for your company if you find out an employee is misusing drugs. This course
discusses the law, different types of drugs, and policies that can be put in place to protect
yourself, your business and your employees. The course takes approx. 100 – 120mins and
is CPD certified.

Dementia Awareness Online Training

This course is intended to give you an overview of the common types and symptoms of
dementia as well as going into how it can affect the brain in different ways. It also covers
strategies to use with clients with dementia and dealing with challenging behaviour. The
course is intended for anyone who is around people that may be living with dementia and
especially helpful for those employees that are experiencing the challenges of caring for
family members with Dementia. The course takes approx. 25mins and is CPD certified.

Epilepsy Awareness Online Training

This online course will give you an overview of epilepsy. It lists the methods of diagnosis,
what a seizure is and how the brain can be affected. It will introduce some possible seizure
triggers and describe what to do when someone has a seizure. It will also discuss some of
the treatments offered to people with epilepsy and provide practical advice on what you can
do if you witness someone having a seizure. The course is intended for anyone who is
around people that may have epilepsy (family members of work colleagues) to provide you
with a greater understanding of the subject and how to deal with it. The course takes approx.
25mins and is CPD certified.

Stroke Awareness Online Training

Strokes are the fourth single leading cause of death in the UK, as well as a leading cause of disability. Being aware of the causes and symptoms will help you act fast in a situation where you suspect someone is having a stroke and provide them with the best chance of receiving the treatment they need and minimising the long term impact of the condition. This course will cover the types of strokes, the symptoms and risk factors. It will also cover the treatment options and the longer-term impact of the condition. The course takes approx. 40mins and is CPD certified.