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Creating a Heathier Workforce

All of the best companies to work for now have Wellbeing at workas part of theircompany culture as it’s now widely considered that Employee wellbeingis an essential component to success of a company as a whole. Wellbeing Workshopswhen run as separate events or as part of employee wellness programs,are a great way to educate staff and provide them with the knowledge and practical advice as to how to improve and monitor different aspects of their mental and physical health.

Wellbeing Workshops can be held in the workplace in either an open space, board room, cafeteria or break out rooms. It is preferable to create an informal atmosphere where employees feel as comfortable and see these as different to work meetings and talks. The workshops can even be made as ‘lunch and learn’ sessions where employees can either bring their lunch along or the company can provide a light lunch to encourage attendance.

With Hybrid working (working form both home and in the office) becoming the dominant working model, the workshops can also be held as wellbeing webinars. The advantage of this being that everyone – even when at home, can ‘attend’ the wellbeing webinar and no-one is left out. What’s more, you can receive recordings of the sessions, so even if people are busy, they can always watch the workshop webinar at a more suitable time.

Wellbeing webinars can cover a wide range of topics such as: Health topics, Nutrition Fitness, Back Care, Mental Health, Employee Stress management and Resilience. Companies and organisations should focus on Employee Health promotion and look to see how they can help employees in all aspects of their health both at home or at work. Afterall, having a healthy workforce is essential to the success of any company and crucial to the positive morale of staff.

When deciding which workshops or webinars to book, you can either send out a staff survey asking for their preferences, or you can look at National wellbeing days and co-ordinate your workshop calendar around these days. Here are some of the National events that take place each year and can be arranged as part of an Employee Wellness Program:

  • Mental Health Awareness Week
  • National Stress Awareness day
  • Heart Health Month
  • Back Care Awareness Week
  • Men’s /Women’s health month

Providing Employee Wellbeing Workshops and Wellbeing Webinars is a great and costs effective way for companies and organisations to show they value the health and wellbeing of staff and where staff can learn ways to improve and strengthen their mental and physical health.