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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Everyone should ‘Know Your Numbers’ – BMI, blood pressure and even glucose and cholesterol levels. But unfortunately, so many people don’t get their health regularly checked – and miss out on the key warning signs.Around a third of people in the UK have high blood pressure, which can lead to heart attacks, strokes and other illnesses but unfortunately most of these people are not even aware of their levels of blood pressure. It does not have any symptoms so the only way to find out is to have a blood pressure check.

As part of National Know Your Numbers Week (7th – 12th September 2021), Companies and organizations are encouraged to arrange short basic Health checks for their staff which take place in the office. The theme this year for Know your Numbers week is Blood pressure. However, knowing your numbers can in fact include a range of health checks such as BMI, Cholesterol, and Glucose levels, and waist circumference as an indicator of CHD.

Relaxa is one such company that can provide 3 different levels of cost-effective health screening to suit both needs and budget.Whether arranged as part of an Employee Wellness Program or as a one-off event, Relaxa can arrange everything including online appointment scheduling and a report of overall data taken form the screenings to provide companies with a general picture of Employee wellbeing.

Basic Health Check – 10 minute sessions
Height, Weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) ,Blood Pressure, Q&A’s

Know your numbers – 15 minute sessions
Height, Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, Peak Flo Lung function testing, Waist Measurement check (Shape as an indicator in line with risk of CHD), Q&A’s

Full Health Check – 20 minute appointments
Height, Weight, BMI, Waist Measurement check (Shape as an indicator in line with risk of CHD), Total Cholesterol check, Blood Glucose check, Peak Flo Lung Function test, Q&A’s

Screening should be carried out on an annual basis. A one-off screening will only pick up health conditions that are presented at the particular time of screening. Regular screening can detect conditions that may develop after comparing different sets of data recorded.

Early detection of any potential health issues gives employees the best chance for treating the issue at hand and thus often preventing more serious problems down the line. An unhealthy workforce can also potentially affect a company’s productivity rate and morale level. Therefore, to minimize such potential negative impact, employers should make Health promotion at work a goal to strive towards and encourage staff to attend a health check and increase Health promotion wherever possible in the workplace.

Employee health checks are beneficial for both employees and employers as most importantly, ensure staff spot any potential health issues but also create a healthy workplace that can both reduce absenteeism and employee turnover. Providing Employee Health screening is one-way companies and organizations can encourage staff to monitor their health and also create a health-conscious cultureamongst staff where staff can see that the company also values Employee wellbeing programs.

As the saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’. Call Relaxa now and see how we can help you create a happier and healthier workforce with some initial Health checks.