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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Our-Hour Diet and Nutritional Health Workshops

Relaxa offers a range of one-hour diet and nutritional health workshops that can be tailored to meet the needs of the Client. Each one-hour workshop has been designed to be delivered in one-hour and all participants are provided with all the information that they may require.

Choose from a selection of one-hour diet and nutritional health workshops below. The topics covered on each one-hour workshop are outlined below.


Nutrition and balancing your diet

What is a balanced diet?
What foods are essential to our diet?
What foods are bad for us?
Do we need supplements?
What changes should we make to our diet?
Game plan for small dietary changes

Boosting your energy levels through nutrition

Where does your energy come from?
What foods provide the greatest source of energy?
Which foods are a poor source of energy?
What combination of foods provide an optimum energy diet?
Energy foods hints and tips

Nutrition for managing Stress

How nutrition can support our stressful lifestyles
What foods help us fight the effects of stress?
What foods contribute to our stress levels
How can we make small changes to our diets to beat stress?

8 tips for eating well

The importance of fruit and vegetables to your diet
Why water is so important
How much fat, sugars and salt are required?
How much red meat and fish?
Why a nutritious breakfast is so important?

Eating out the healthy way

What to look for when you eat out
What foods should we be eating in different restaurants?
What foods to avoid?
How to choose a healthier meal?
How to eat 2 or 3 courses the healthy way?
How to eat 2 courses and not put on weight?
Making small changes.

Food allergy and intolerance awareness

What are food allergies?
How to diagnose food allergies
How transforming your diet can change the way you feel.
Treatments available