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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Relaxa's Employee Health Screening Services UK-wide

Relaxa, the UK’s leading provider of employee health and employee wellness services UK-wide, provides a comprehensive health screening service that takes 20-minutes, or 30-minutes, to complete and is carried out by one of our team of experienced medical professionals. Relaxa can provide this service for clients UK-wide.  

Relaxa employs more than 1,000 highly qualified nurses and medical practitioners to deliver the health screening services who are based local to your company and provide the health screens On-Site at your premises. Relaxa works with more than 2,000 companies UK-wide. Relaxa can also provide a complimentary online booking schedules so that people can book themselves in at a suitable time slot.

The 20 minute health screen include:

The 30-minute health screen will include the following in addition to above:

The health screen will also include advice regarding the following: