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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Office Yoga / Chair Pilates / T’ai Chi

Introduction to Office Yoga Classes

The Yoga classes that Relaxa offer for the workplace are ‘Seated Yoga classes’ These classes can cater for upto 18 members of staff. A brief introduction as to what Yoga is followed by a class that shows them exercises they can do at work when either sitting or standing and letting them experience and practice it for themselves. Yoga is a wonderful way to relax mind and body, improve posture and boost energy levels. It is a system of physical, mental and spiritual training. Yoga is particularly beneficial for:

Even if you’re chained to your desk, you can still do Yoga. This class has been specifically designed to be carried out at your desk. This class consists of a brief introduction to Yoga followed by everyone participating in the exercises whilst sitting at a desk.


Introduction to Chair Pilates Classes

Because Pilates focuses on the deep abdominal muscles it is great exercise for anyone who sits at a desk all day and needs to work on improving their posture. Equally, people who spend long periods of time on their feet are at risk of developing a variety of back problems which could be alleviated with correct posture. Pilates can help develop a strong healthy posture and can help to relieve stress. Some of the benefits include:

Even if you’re chained to your desk, you can still do Yoga or Pilates. This classes have been specifically designed for the workplace.


Introduction to T'ai Chi Classes

Concentrating on correct posture and breath control, T’ ai Chi movements are fluid, graceful and well balanced, promoting the complete harmony of body and mind. It works in various ways promoting good physical health and emotional balance. T’ai Chi is often recognized by its sequence of slow rhythmic movements practiced by people of all ages and backgrounds. Combined with specific breathing techniques and gentle stretching it can help in stress reduction, enhance relaxation and increase flexibility and is suitable for everybody. The class will provide a brief introduction to T’ai chi followed by a demonstration and teaching of exercises for all to participate in and experience a demonstration and teaching of exercises for all to participate in.