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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Back Care Webinars (45mins)

Managing Pain and Improving your Posture When Working from Home

This webinar shows how posture can help reduce pain and discomfort with a few easy to implement techniques. This workshop looks at posture and discusses how we can improve our posture at work. This workshop takes participants through some of the common postural mistakes made when seated. Participants will gain an understanding of:

Health and Safety at Your Home Workstation and Preventing Back Pain and RSI

With working from home, it is crucial to ensure that our workspaces are set up effectively and that our homework station suits our postural needs to avoid aches and pain. The webinar provides practical advice on how to set up a healthy home work environment correctly and is designed to build awareness and understanding of common risks and causes of back pain and RSI in the working environment. In addition, participants will be shown effective pain prevention and management techniques. Participants will gain an understanding of:

Maintaining good health and wellbeing when working from home Webinars (45-minutes sessions)

Getting Back on Track with Health/Nutrition

This past year has understandably created challenges for us all when it comes to prioritising our health and wellbeing. Changes to our routines coupled with stress and anxiety have impacted on our eating habits and Nutrition in general. This webinar will show how implementing small but significant changes to your diet and routine you can get back on track and create better and more sustainable healthy eating habits. It will also explain what you can do to support your immune system and share some weight management strategies for reducing any unwanted weight gain. Following the advice and information provided, participants should feel inspired and motivated to get back on track with healthy eating and practical suggestions in how to achieve this. Participants will gain an understanding of:

Productive & Positive Home Working

Working from home is not easy. Employees can feel isolated and remaining productive whilst away from the rest of the team and the office environment can be difficult. Although working from home can result in distractions and a whole new set of challenges. It can also, if managed correctly, be highly productive if we know what to do. This webinar will show participants that by having a greater sense of responsibility, you can actually be more productive and have a more positive outlook when working from home. Participants will gain an understanding of:

Achieving Focus when Working from Home

This webinar will look at how to manage distraction and be more focused and effective whilst working from home. With the boundaries between home and work life now blurred, the levels of stress and the impact that has upon wellbeing and performance are at an all-time high. The challenges in both our work and home environment often result in the feeling that we have not actually met any of our needs/ goals at the end of the week. You will be shown how to create a virtual wall between work and play and explore the concepts of presence (distraction management) and focus (managing the mind). Participants will gain an understanding of:

Supporting Working Parents to Enhance Health and Wellbeing

The past year has raised awareness of the challenges that working parents in particular experience. The once familiar routines and structure of the day have changed and although the general demands that working parents face have always been around, never before has this been tested and stretched as much as this past year and impacted on their health and wellbeing. Parents need to not feel guilty and know they are not alone in trying to manage this juggling act. This webinar will provide tools to help parents cope, boost resilience, sample relaxation and breathing exercises, discuss coping skills and look at the importance of social connection. Participants will gain an understanding of:

Keeping Healthy Webinars (45-minutes sessions)

Women’s Health and Wellbeing

This webinar will inform and educate female employees to help them manage their health and wellness. The session will cover crucial information and guidance about women’s health issues and concerns and provide practical advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle. The webinar will also cover:

Men’s Health and Wellbeing

This webinar is designed to increase awareness of health issues that men are prone to. Its aim is to give male employees the information they need to make healthy and informed choices and changes to their lifestyle. Men (more than women) tend to ignore health issues and are often less likely to get checked or seek out health information. Participants will gain an understanding of:

The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Heart

It is now a well-known fact that in many cases heart disease can be prevented. This webinar shows how employees of all ages can look after their heart health and avoid cardiovascular disease. Participants will gain an understanding of:

Seated Yoga at Work

The aim of this webinar session is to provide employees with yoga postures and exercises and breath work that can be done at any time during the day while working. The live class will provide an understanding of Yoga stretches that can be done either standing or sitting. Participants will gain an understanding of:

Chair Pilates at Work

This Pilates webinar class has been specifically designed with the office worker in mind (be that at home or in the office itself). It will demonstrate how employees can incorporate the Pilates Principles into their working day. Pilates can improve your posture, strengthen your core, help reduce back pain and increase flexibility and strength. The live class will provide an understanding of Pilates exercises that can be done either standing or sitting. Participants will gain an understanding of:

Virtual Fitness Classes

With so many employees working from home both part and full time and with this set up being part of the future of our working lives, it is essential that employees maintain their physical health. Our live fitness classes can easily be fit into the working day or recorded so that staff can fit it in at a more suitable time. The exercises are suitable for all levels, both beginners and experts are made to feel welcome. These classes are ideal for improving health, relieving tension, recharging batteries, and getting employees into a positive mindset. The classes can be held as 30 /45minute sessions, and a program developed if looking to hold these as scheduled weekly events. The classes help to:


Mental Health, Stress and Wellbeing Webinars (45-minutes sessions)

Sleep Well

Sleep issues and a lack of sleep is becoming more common as various factors such as increased stress, increased use of technology and longer work hours have an impact on our sleep patterns. prevalent in the workplace, causing problems for employers and employees alike. Lack of sleep can impact both on your work and on your physical and mental health. However, changing habits and creating a plan for a more conducive nights rest can have a positive effect on your quality and quantity of your sleep. Participants will gain an understanding of:


Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing

Mindfulness is a simple form of meditation that focuses awareness on the present moment, whilst calmly acknowledging and accepting feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations as they arise. It enables us to observe ourselves and learn how we respond to the world around us and use these insights to create change. Participants will gain an understanding of:

Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress

With working from home now a part of our working lives for the foreseeable future, any boundaries between our work and home lives which we may have previously become accustomed to or took for granted have now become blurred. Techniques that we may once have used to de-stress from work such as winding down on your commute home or taking an actual lunch break whilst chatting with colleagues seems to have now disappeared. Now more than ever we need techniques to relax and cope with ever increasing stress. This webinar teaches techniques that will immediately help reduce levels of stress in body and mind. Participants will gain an understanding of:

Building Resilience Introduction

Resilience building allows you to increase your mental and emotional stamina so that you can bounce back when challenges arise. This workshop enables you to review your current coping strategies and mindset to help you identify what might be standing in the way of enhanced resilience, vitality and growth. Participants will gain an understanding of:

Building Resilience Introduction

Today’s busy 24/7 world, it can make it hard to find time for the rest and relaxation we need for both our physical and mental wellbeing. We are human beings not human doings, so in this workshop we will take time out to review how our busy lifestyles can impact our heath and look at ways to bring back your va va voom and zest for life. Learning how in slowing down we can connect again to what is important for our sense or worth and wellbeing and looking at ways changes can be easily introduced into your current lifestyle to aid this process. Participants will gain an understanding of:

Developing a Positive Attitude

This webinar will help you to better understand the power of positive thinking. The workshop explores what positive thinking is and identifies the essential elements that go towards developing the skill of positive thinking. You will also explore practical tips for how to apply positive thinking in your own life and how the power of positive thought can impact upon your life. Participants will gain an understanding of:

What is stress & Practical Skills and Techniques to Manage Stress

For many people, everyday stress builds to a level that seems too hard to handle. Pressures mount as you try to meet the demands of family and work. This webinar aims to give you the tools you need to cope with the stress in your life and teaches easy and practical techniques to immediately reduce stress levels. Participants will gain an understanding of:

Employee Wellbeing – Upon Return to the Office (45-minutes sessions)

Support Your Mental Health and Wellbeing as You Return to the Workplace

Returning to work is going to be a challenge for many employees. Mental health issues, conflicts in the workplace and drops in performance are expected to severely increase over the coming months as people make their way back into the workplace. Even the commute to work, after being away for so long, might create some level of anxiety. Anxiety might arise from several different factors such as the covid risks associated with reduced social distancing (public transport and colleagues’ proximity) or despite the challenges with working from home, we might feel that we will lose certain freedoms and the quality of life that we had got accustomed to.

This workshop will look at the triggers for stress and anxiety related to coming back to the workplace and then look at positive ways we can adapt and respond to these triggers rather than letting our worries get the best of us and might then as a result affect our wellbeing and performance at work. The webinar will provide employees with the skills to manage their anxiety and a greater sense of confidence and calm regarding returning to the workplace. Participants will also gain an understanding of: