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Creating a Heathier Workforce


4-week online Office Yoga course

This course is designed to take place over 4 weeks. The principles of Yoga will be taught and explained, then each week you will be shown how to carry out various Yoga exercises. Gradually, as you gain confidence, the types of exercises will be expanded upon so that you are proficient in a wide range of exercises all designed to take place both when standing and sitting on a chair. This is a gentle class suitable for all levels including those with no prior experience. This course consists of 4 separate videos.

Week 1: Foundational movements to build strength, stability & focus

Week 2: Waking Up – practices to enliven and uplift

Week 3: Practices to build awareness of core, pelvis and of moving with ease

Week 4: Finding your flow – practices to enhance a feeling of “flow” and boost focus

Introduction to Office Yoga video class