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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Relaxa's Range of De-Stress and Wellbeing Services for Company Health Promotion Activities and for Health and Wellbeing Events UK-wide

Relaxa provides a range of de-stress and wellbeing services for companies and organisations UK-wide that will help participants improve their overall wellbeing, lifestyle and the way in which they cope with stress.

Below are some of the services that Relaxa can provide:

For more information please click on the health promotion activities menu at the top of the page.

For fixed price wellbeing packages that include FREE wellbeing education services please take a look at the cost-effective choice of packages below. Relaxa can also put together packages with additional activities and programmes that include, or are focused on, nurition, back care, people skills and others. All services are offered UK-wide.

There are 6 cost-effective wellbeing health promotion packages available below UK-wide:

1) Basic Wellbeing Package

2) Bronze Wellbeing Package

3) Silver Wellbeing Package

4) Gold Wellbeing Package

5) Platinum Wellbeing Package

6) Ultimate Wellbeing Package