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Creating a Heathier Workforce

Stress and Wellbeing Exhibition Areas UK-wide

Relaxa specialises in creating exhibition areas with a focus on stress and wellbeing topics that will incorporate display boards, videos, handouts and promotional items to give to staff.

Relaxa's exhibition areas include the following:

Display units:

Relaxa will provide a display system via up to 9 display boards.

Manning of the exhibition area and consultants providing information on a first come first served basis. A stress and wellbeing consultant to provide stress, wellbeing and lifestyle advice on a first come first served basis.


Videos to be played one after the other in a health promotion and exhibition area

i) Video: First Steps to Stress Management at Work


There are four distinct stages of controlling stress that are covered:


Real-life scenarios are presented through gripping drama and covers: 

Working with customers – some not so easy to please!

Working in teams – knowing your own and other people’s stress thresholds through regular communication with colleagues

Work/Life balance – Manager’s role in deducing stress of colleagues and better understanding of their problems.

Running time: 30 minutes

An entertaining and yet a training video that is essential for all workplaces.

ii) Video: Stress in the workplace - The Facts

To ensure your employees aren’t affected by stress train them with this Video. Presented by Kathy Tayler, this title from Safety Media is the ideal solution for Stress Awareness Training.


Identifies the problem areas of stress and the factors that relate to different individuals

Tackles work-related stress

Offers advice on how to help improve and maintain employee health and well being.

What action to take to reduce risks

Identifies who can be affected by stress

There is no single person who is “immune” from stress, so it is vital that every employee has stress training. By providing stress training, you will not only be improving your employees health condition but you will also reduce the number of lost days and hours through sickness absence and increase staff morale and staff performance.

Running time: 15 minutes

iii) Video: Stress and You Stress and You was developed by the Occupational Health Department at ICI Polymers and Chemicals to enable their staff to understand the causes and symptoms of stress and how to manage it.


The material is presented in three parts. The first part gives a general overview including the signs and symptoms of stress; next, the causes of stress are examined; lastly, practical suggestions and techniques are offered for dealing with stress.

Learning points - How to:

recognise the symptoms of stress: mental, behavioural, physical, hormonal
recognise the causes of stress: change, too many demands, not enough stimulation, other
people, yourself, worries, fears and aversions, poor communication
manage your stress: relaxation, talking it over, self-talk, time management, action plans, corridors, circuit breakers and ideograms.

Handouts, Fact Stress and display board topics:

The following topics and handouts are available and covered on the display boards:

Topics covered: